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2014 CIO Thought Leadership: Are You Getting The ROI You Expected From Your Identity Access Investments? Presented by Radiant Logic
2014 Think Tank: Data Semantics, Standards and Synergy! Presented By: David Saul, Chief Scientist, State Street
2014 Keynote: The Celebrity CIO: Driving Business Growth through Service Delivery Innovation
2014 Thought Leadership: Customer Interaction - What will it look like in 5 years
2014 Keynote: Bridging The Gap, Today & Tomorrow!
2014 Keynote: Channel Integration - Bridging the Business IT Gap
2013 Executive Vision: Ground Level Security, The Foundation for Successful Implementation of Emerging Technologies
2013 Keynote Presentation: Know Your Customer Before They Do!
2013 CIO Thought Leadership: Technology Strategies for Big Data Analytics
Leveraging Analytics to Manage Risk and Obtain Competitive Advantage
Thought Leadership Session - High Performance Analytics
Innovation and Rebuilding the Client Proposition Keynote Panel
Marc Gordon Keynote Presentation
The Common Credentials Dilemma
TCO of the Cloud and the New Architecture
Using Analytics to Thrive in the New Reality
The Role of the CIO at ING DIRECT Canada



SAP: VALUE CREATION IN A DIGITAL ECONOMY: Adapt or Die in a Digital World Where the Consumer is in Charge SAP Digital Business white paper VALUE CREATION IN A DIGITAL ECONOMY: Adapt or Die in a Digital World Where the Consumer is in Charge SAP Digital Business white paper

Breakthrough Security and Compliance Practices for the Digital Enterprise Read the paper “Breakthrough Security and Compliance Practices for the Digital Enterprise” and learn how a strategic approach to compliance using data center automation will optimize resources and increase efficiencies, while also reducing risk and cost.

Not All Clouds Are Created Equal The Viewpointe sponsored, Kahn Consulting-authored white paper, Not All Clouds Are Created Equal, focuses on how cloud has shifted from storage to competitive agility and business efficiency. This new white paper walks the reader through such topics as the different types of clouds, how to choose the right type of cloud for your organization, the evolution of cloud and how to select the right cloud service provider.

Cloud Computing—the Path to Increased Efficiencies and Cost Savings for Financial Institutions Cloud computing is being rapidly adopted by the financial services industry. By evolving existing IT infrastructures to include cloud capabilities, financial institutions are positioned to achieve significant operational and cost benefits in the delivery of services. To successfully make the transition to this new computing model, NetApp is leading the way with proven technologies to deliver the storage capabilities that will power cloud infrastructures both now and in the future.

Becoming a Proactive Bank In today's highly competitive and overly regulated banking environment, the traditional "fix-on-failure" approach to business operations can no longer be tolerated. To transform their operations from manual and reactive to systematic and proactive, financial institutions need to gain operational intelligence by creating real-time situational awareness and predictive insight. This White Paper explains the steps to become a proactive bank.

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